Our vision is to establish over 20 thriving churches in the 12 countries of Southern Africa by 2020 so that we can fulfill our lifetime dream of establishing a Bible Talk within walking distance of every African.

A New Mission in Lfe, Looking after Widows

Toko Muodzi, a sister from Harare, Zimbabwe, in the southern region of Africa, was happily married for 20 years, then she became a widow. Now she’s found a new mission in life: encouraging and helping other widows in her city.

She shares the journey in faith that brought her to this point:

"I was baptised as a single mother of one in 1991. God blessed me with a husband, Kizito, in 1996 and we had three children together.Toko and her husband

We served in various ministries in the church over the years. In January 2015, my husband decided to fast for 40 days for God to increase his faith in all areas of his life.

News from the Southern Africa island of Mauritius

church in Mauritius

 What can a disciple accomplish in a short time, far away from the comfort of their well-organised church? Well, you'd be surprised. This was the experience of Themba and Zama Xulu, leaders in the Tshwane Region of the Johannesburg Church of Christ, South Africa.They spent three weeks with the disciples in the tiny church in Mauritius, with faith-building results that ended in the baptism of the first man in a very, very long time.

Southern Africa Youth Camp Song

2020 Vision Update

The Healing of a Wounded Idealist

As leaders in the ICOC for the past 25 years and having navigated the ups and downs of our church's history, we have been very encouraged to see the growth and progress of many Christians in the maturing of their faith. We have however, also found groups of disciples in many of the churches we minister to, who have not been revived spiritually. Many of these disciples, or “Wounded Idealists”, have lost the dream and cannot effectively find their way back to faithful conviction. Life has turned out to be significantly harder than they expected when they were idealistic campus students. The church, marriage, parenting, health, finances and relationships have become sources of disappointment and disillusionment; and despite their best efforts, they have become increasingly cynical.

Encounter 2017 - Calling All Campus Students

HOPEww South Africa on National TV - Part 1


HOPEww South Africa on National TV

Nearly 18000 attend the #REACH2016 Conference in St. Louis

Jo'burg church of Christ 30th anniversary - musical highlights

In case you missed it: The India Report


Jo'burg church of Christ Christmas Carols


International Campus Corps to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa


The Johannesburg Church of Christ is excited to announce the 2016 South African Campus Corps entitled Encounter: South Africa. We are inviting college students from our worldwide fellowship to come to Johannesburg from July 11  - August 8, 2016 to encounter our beautiful culture, people, and South African wildlife, and more importantly, to be equipped and empowered to help the tens of thousands of university students throughout South Africa to encounter the true Jesus Christ. 

Jo'burg Church 30th Anniversary Celebration


Stephen Ogugha returns to the Johannesburg Church

By Percy Matshoba 

Having left the Johannesburg Central Region at the age of 14, now at 24, Stephen Oguagha returned home, not only as a disciple but a minister too. 

Incredible Bring Your Neighbour Day is West Africa

110 Disciples have over triple their membership at church service.

God was at work in the small town of Daloa in western Ivory Coast, West Africa.  Their congregation of 110 disciples had a huge "Bring Your Neighbor Day," with 350 in attendance!  Be praying that the members can continue to have an impact in their community, and praise God for a victorious Sunday!

Frank & Erica Kim in Johannesburg, October 24th & 31st

Frank & Erica are coming to Johannesburg in October to conduct two worshops over two consecutive weekends. 

Registration will happen at www.nwregion.co.za and registration  for out-of-towners will need to be done by emailing portiankosi@icloud.com

Johannesburg Campus Ministries seeing hundreds come to Bible Talks

The South African churches have launched an annual "Encounter" program for disciple students who would like to come and be a part of an African Campus ministry experience. Students must fund themselves to get to South Africa but once there, they will be housed, fed and trained. They will then split up into "mission team" sized groups and spread out onto the South African campuses.

The group that joined up with the University of the Witwatersrand Campus Ministry saw visitors of up to 80 people at some of the Bible Talks. (see pic above) Those that went to Pretoria (TUKS) also had a tremendous impact. All campuses combined had total visitors for the week of nearly 300! Needless to say lots of Bible Studies have been setup.

Please be praying for a harvest of souls in the next few weeks.

4000 Celebrate at the East Africa 25th anniversary service in Nairobi

Shangilia was a taste of heaven. The Safaricom Indoor Basketball Arena at Kasarani in Nairobi came alive when disciples drawn from the East Africa family of Christ and beyond gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Nairobi Christian Church and indeed the mission work in East Africa. The Nairobi Christian Church was planted in June of 1989 by a few disciples sent from the New York Church of Christ in the United States of America (USA).

To read the full story click here:

Huge Southern Africa ICOC Conference

(Arriving at the Sunday Conference.)

The Southern Africa ICOC leadership conference was a massive success. Held in April, the Johannesburg, South Africa, church hosted disciples and leaders from 12 different countries for a week of Bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Over 200 attended the "Ministry Training Academy" for two days of in depth instruction.  

Then over 2300 attended the Sunday worship service. A number of people were welcomed to the church who had been baptised in the past week and Paul Smith appointed as an evangelist.

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