Our vision is to establish over 20 thriving churches in the 12 countries of Southern Africa by 2020 so that we can fulfill our lifetime dream of establishing a Bible Talk within walking distance of every African.

Courageous Leadership in 2009


Duncan Comrie (right) receives AIM diploma from Joey Harris, Associate Director of AIM, in Durban, South Africa.

This week has been a special week in the Durban Church of Christ as Duncan Comrie, the Evangelist at the church in Durban,received his diploma after graduating from the AIM program with honors.
Duncan was a student in the AIM Distance program.

The North West Region of the Johannesburg church have been enjoying a fast start to the year. There is a tangible excitement as every week new souls are added into the congregation. It is evident to so many that God is moving in amazing ways, answering many prayers and blessing the church like never before.

 13 people have made Jesus 'Lord' in just the first 8 weeks of the year. More are busy counting the cost to be baptised this week. What is equally exciting is that most of these conversions have come from the 'traditionally slower' ministries. Eight of the thirteen conversion have been married couples! Who says you have to slow down when you get older...

 As per article in Feb 2009, Highway NewsPaper, Westville

EVANGELIST Duncan Comrie and Motivational speaker Brett Ellis have teamed up to race the Epic Sani2C mountain bike challenge (260km), at the end of February 2009 to raise funds for the Sibonelo Eshile Children’s Project.

The singles and other disciples leave for their luxury cruise from Durban Harbour to Mozambique on Monday 19th January.  For those of our brothers and sisters who are lucky enough to be going on this wonderful adventure, you can find the directions to Durban Harbour as well as an information sheet on MSC Melody below. 


By Araujo Francisco

“Be joyful always” (1 Thessalonians 5:18)


Joy is a powerful emotion and God commands us to always be in this emotional state. It may feel impossible when we look at the realities of our lives, but God always tells us how to maintain this joyful state.



Durban, South Africa:   By Duncan Comrie




The year has truly been a walk to remember. God has given us some amazing victories despite some tough dark times. As we look back over the year we see His footprints that show us that he has and is always with us. He has allowed us to mature and grow.


Last weekend the Northwest Region of the Johannesburg Church of Christ had a Bring Your Neighbour day entitled "Soul food". The hall was decorated with International flags from all around the world and each bible talk chose a country to represent. Food was showcased from from each country and sold after church. 

The church service was amazing, literally hundreds of new people came to church and many agreed to study the bible. The atmosphere was electric and there was a clear feeling of "only God!" Only God could give 350 disciples 912 in attendance. Only God could bring so many people from so many different backgrounds together and create an atmosphere of love, excitement and acceptance. 

Sometimes we think our jobs are hard, check out these guys:

he heads into the office...




Maybe our jobs are not that hard after all! Let's do everything without complaining or arguing!

Singles get away cruise…


It will be a great time of fellowship. Please spread the word to all the singles you know.


Date: 19th to the 23rd January 2009


Where to: depart from the Durban harbour to Mozambique and then to Barra Lodge Island near Maputo (5 days includes 3 meals a day breakfast, lunch and dinner)


Cost: R2250.00 per person (the price is a give away) which includes 3 meals daily.


Deposit: R1 000.00 to secure your space by the 30th June 2008. Deposit is not refundable.


For further information: contact Yoghini on 072 2074877 or email yoghini7@yahoo.uk

Please be praying for this country and the disciples who live here.

 (The Poortview Bible Talk)

The Northwest Region of the Joburg Church has been seeing an explosion of conversions recently. Only God can be honoured for this as He has been working powerfully to bring lost souls to Him.

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