Our vision is to establish over 20 thriving churches in the 12 countries of Southern Africa by 2020 so that we can fulfill our lifetime dream of establishing a Bible Talk within walking distance of every African.

New for Family Groups!

Wanting Would you like to try something new and exciting for  your Family groups?  There is a brand new "Video Bible Discussion" DVD from M&N Studios and IPI Books that feature three very cool video Bible Talks.  

To preview one, click here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-OcYVcmswk

Go to the ICOC Hotnews website for more information and orders

Disciple Bible Academy


The Joburg church hosted the first "Disciple bible Academy" in  Johannesburg, South Africa.

Disicples from all over South Africa and Southern Africa were part of  the 90 students who participated in the 2-day session. 

Both Dave Pocta and Michael Burns taught for 16 hours while the students did numerous practical assignments and reading. 

It changed the way we all look at the bible and will surely lead to a deeper reading and insight into the word of God.  The focus of the first class was learning to understand the proper meaning of bible texts in their original setting (exegesis) and then learning how to correctly apply the passages in our current situations and lives (Hermeneutics). 

Let's go to Mumbai, India for a story of faith and forever...


When God does a miracle, all who hear about it are inspired and their faith is strengthened.

Visit Nancy's Story on the ICOC Hotnews website to read about how Nancy, after enduring 20 years of persecution from her family saw her father converted and baptised right before he died and how this story inspired a change of heart in two sisters who helped convert their dying cousin.    

Singles...would you like to keep in touch with what is happening in the singles ministry?

The singles ministry is booming and so many things are happening all over the world.  Find out about conferences, retreats and so much more.  Visit the dedicated Singles website to find out where the next singles celebration will be.

25th Anniversary & 20/20 vision video

God has been blessing the Jo'burg church in amazing ways. Not only has it celebrated "25 years of changing lives" but the teen ministry has grown from 4 to 22 baptised teens in the last 15 months. The campus ministry has mushroomed from 20 to 60 baptised students in the last 18 months. Overall 92 souls have been saved in just the first half of the year.

Please continue praying that God shines his light on all the disciples here and that the gospel will be boldly proclaimed throughout this great city! Click below to see the video chronicling the last 25 years:

Over 2000 gather to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Johannesburg church of Christ


The Jo'burg church of Christ just celebrated it's 25th anniversary. Over 2000 people gathered at the church building for a time of celebration, thanksgiving, prayer, worship, video's, the appointment of our newest evangelist and of course food for everyone!

The Jo'burg church was begun by a multi-racial and courageous group of disciples who traveled from Boston, USA to the then apartheid governed country of South Africa to begin a church of true disciples who do not see colour, but see ALL people simply as children of God. From the very begnning the church was a light to the world. Blacks and whites worshipping together, eating together and bound together by the blood of Christ. Visitors would come to church for the first time and be blown away by what they saw, "this is the hope for this country" many would remark!

Desperate prayers and donations needed for the disciples in Abidjan

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

 The situation in Abidjan is rapidly becoming a humanitarian disaster as the country is on the brink of collapse. Sporadic skirmishes throughout the city are making more and more people flee the city while there are new dead bodies on the streets every morning.  

With no formal trading taking place it is getting harder and harder to meet basic needs.  There have also been reports of a cholera outbreak.  The UN have attempted to meet needs while maintaining peace. Donations received so far are but a drop in the ocean of what is required to meet all the growing needs.

This is it! A Southern African Teen event

This is it - a teen focussed event will be happening on the 12th of March 2011.  Enquiries can be directed to Karen at karen@joburgcoc.co.za.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

Prayers for Egypt

IcocHotNews recently interviewed Moufid Tohme about the tensions in the Middle East and how our church in Cairo is doing...


Zimbabwe: Churches Growing as Country struggles

Around the world many have watched as Zimbabwe has fallen into chaos and economic turmoil.  This year however, the church has risen up and seen many victories.

Over 800 people attended the recent 21st anniversary service in Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe.  This is the largest attendance for the Harare church in its history.


(Photo: David Gondongwe recently appointed evangelist in Harare).

Jo'burg Church of Christ Campus Ministry doubles in 2010

2010 has been a great year for the Jo'burg church of Christ campus ministry. Beginning the year with just twenty students it has been amazing to see God move and double the size of the ministries on Tukkies, Wits and University of Johannesburg. 

At the recent Campus retreat 74 students joined together for fellowship, prayer and bible study. The end of the retreat was highlighted by having three students baptised at the same time.

Jo'burg church gives largest Secial Contribution ever! Plus, 2oth Campus student is baptised for the year.

2010 is turning out to be a great year for the Johannesburg Church of Christ. Not only did South Africa play host to the FIFA World Cup soccer tournament (which was a great honour for our country) but Christ is leading the church in triumphant procession.

This years Special Contribution has been a huge victory. The disciples, through their amazing hearts, gave the largest contribution in the churches 24 year history! Some regions gave up to 20 times their regular weekly offering! The generosity of the church is a testimony to God that “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”

Below are some pictures from our out-door service held recently:

The "One year Challenge" to South Africa

Taking the "One Year Challenge"

We are looking for students or graduates who want to take a year off and come and help serve in the Campus Ministries in the churches in South Africa in 2011 & 2012. If you are interested and want more information click HERE. and download the application form from the Icochotnews site.

Churches in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban and Port Elizabeth are looking for young men & women with leadership experience in Campus Ministry who would devote themselves to helping win souls and change lives in these cities.

"Youth & Family Minstry" Conference a HUGE success. 1100 disciples have 1900 at church.

Nearly 700 parents and church leaders from around Africa gathered in Johannesburg last week for the 1st ever "Youth & Family Ministry" conference. There were disciples from Nigeria, Cote D'ivoire, Kenya, DRC, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Angola, Mauritius, Mozambique, Swaziland and South Africa.

Disciples making an Impact

"Youth & Family Minstry" Conference

We are excited to be hosting the first "Youth & Family Ministry" conference in Johannesburg South Africa. With Dave & Beth Pocta having just moved here from Chicago we are thrilled about the impact they are going to have on all the families in Johannesburg and prayerfully, in time, many in Africa.

Registrations will be available on this site soon.

With Mike & Anne-Bridgitte Taliaferro, Herve & Janet Fleurant, Oneychi & Deysi Oguagha and others as guest speakers it is going to be a life changing and family strengthening event.

To get an update on what the Youth & Family Ministry is doing around the world here is a report written by Dave Pocta taken from the Liveit2Giveit website:

News from ICOC churches around the world


99 disciples have 300 at Bring Your Neighbour Day

On Sunday 1 November 2009 the Church in Maputo, Mozambique had a spectacular bring your neighbor day! The church is lead by a very young couple Simon and Ilse, who moved there 2 years ago. They all worked and prayed hard for this day. God blessed their faith and hard work and 99 disciples had about 300 in attendance!

All the disciples were so happy and grateful to God for the victory. We are now praying that we can finish the work with Gods help and bring in a harvest that will glorify Him.

We are so proud of the church there and the conditions that they live in. Please pray for the church in Maputo and if you are able to visit this Portuguese speaking church you will be inspired!

Ivor Botha

"John Mark" fundraiser a huge success!

The Johannesburg Church of Christ teamed up with Steve Johnson to raise funds for the HOPEww programs in Southern Africa (Mozambique & Zambia). Steve performed "John Mark" to a full house on Saturday night. Preached to 1600 on Sunday. Then visited the nearly 300 member church he and Lisa planted in Cape Town many years ago. Everyone was encouraged. $30 000 was raised. Praise be to God who always leads us in triumphal procession!

Tom Ziegler appointed as an Elder in Northern Virginia

On the 18th of October 2009, Tom Ziegler was ordained as an elder in the Northern Virginia Church of Christ. Tom and his wife Lori were members of the mission team that heroically planted the church in Nairobi 20 years ago, the Nairobi church now has a Sunday attendance of over 2000 people.

The Ziegler Family then moved to Johannesburg where they served the church for 10 years before returning home to Northern Virginia. The Zieglers left an indelible mark on the churches in Africa. We congratulate Tom & Lori and look forward to seeing them back in Africa one day soon.

Below is an extract of Tom's appointment as it appears on www.Disciplestoday.org :

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