Our vision is to establish over 20 thriving churches in the 12 countries of Southern Africa by 2020 so that we can fulfill our lifetime dream of establishing a Bible Talk within walking distance of every African.

Maputo, Mozambique church seeing explosive growth!

The church in Maputo Mozambique gathered at the beginning of 2014 and agreed that they needed to re-dedicate themselves to having vision and faith so that the church could grow past 100 members. 

During the year, the church saw 27 souls baptised and a number of restorations, bringing the church membership to now 120 disiciples!

Araujo Francisco who moved from Pretoria, South Africa just one year ago with his new family is so encouraged by what God is doing in Maputo.

Please continue praying for the church and for an even greater 2015!

(PIC: Some of the new members of the church)


International church of Christ in Kigali, Rwanda nearly triples in size.

     See the photo to the left?  In one year, the faith of fifteen hard working sisters in Kigali, Rwanda led to the conversion of 30 friends. Wow, praise God!

Ebola Crisis Fundraiser for our West African ICOC churches

To date the Southern Africa churches have raised almost R50 000 to help the churches in West Africa Affected by the Ebola Virus.

Baptised at 102 - now a "young" disciple of Christ!

August 9 is a special day for Mama Rebecca Kotane. In 1956

Mama Kotane's baptism

she was one of 20 000 women who marched to the Union Building in Pretoria to protest against the carrying of passes as stipulated by the country's Apartheid laws; and now it also the day she became a disciple of Jesus.

Caption: MaKotane getting baptised by Eugene Malao.

Ebola Update: Letter from Sierra Leone ICOC church

EbolaPreventionMonday, August 25, 2014

Greetings to our Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to express our thanks and appreciation for the money sent to us through HOPE worldwide. We are purchasing and distributing food items and raising awareness about Ebola prevention. We are thankful for everyone who sacrificed to help us in this time of great need; we also pray that God will remember them.

News from around the world: The London Church


News from the International church of Christ in London, UK.

I love My Church Series

At the beginning of 2014, Disciples Today  started a series entitled "I love My Church", giving disciples from around the world a chance to share what makes their church special - from the love, fellowship, teaching and community outreach.

I love My Church Series

Here is the second testimonial in the series I Love My Church:

The Johannesburg Church of Christ

By Elijah and Valerie Nkosi

I love My Church Series

Note: This is the third testimonial in the series, I Love My Church on ICOC Hotnews. We visit Port Elizabeth - also known as "The Friendly City" - in the Eastern Cape.

    By Marissa and Masindi Rossouw, Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

I love My Church Series

Note: This is the fourth in the I Love My Church series of testimonies and the second from "The Friendly City" Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
By Luvuyo & Sanda Manjo

    Kulowo unoThando, iNceba, uDumo neMfesane makubekho uZuko neMbeko ngoku kude kubesemaphadeni Ameni!

(Translation: To Him who is full of Love, Grace, Mercy and Truth, Glory Honour and Praise forever and ever Amen!)

I love My Church Series

This is the fifth testimonial in the I Love My Church series. 

ICOC Toolbox: Helping our Teens become Christians


Toolbox is a teaching series from the International churches of Christ, aimed to help believers tackle challenging life-situations or doctrines. Each episode hosts an evangelist, elder, or teacher sharing their thoughts about a certain topic they understand well. The videos usually range from 3-8 minutes in length and are currently only available in English.


God is doing amazing things at the University of Johannesburg

It has been amazing to see how God has worked at the start of the second semester at the University of Johannesburg (UJ).

At the beginning of the semester we got together as a Joburg Church of Christ campus ministry and decided to do a Jericho Walk. We gathered every morning at 7am to walk around the campus, praying for God to do some that we have never seen before. During the day we went out inviting people to our first Bible Discussion of the semester.

Come the Friday Bible Discussion the 10 UJ campus students had 63 friends out! A lot of students have started studying the bible and are busy making decisions to become disciples. God is working in a powerful way.

Jacques Genis

ICOC Campus Ministry

Singles Retreat - 2013

Singles retreat

This is for the ICOC or International Churches of Christ singles ministry.

Purity Conference

ICOC #International church of Christ

As Christians, we are constantly striving to live pure and holy lives in an increasingly impure world. Therefore we are very excited about the upcoming Purity Conference weekend happening in Johannesburg from Saturday, 10 August.

The Saturday will be a full-day conference presented by Tom and Carol Nuelle. It will focus on providing biblical perspective and practical answers to victory over impurity in your own life and will teach you how to help others.

On the Sunday we will all come together for a church-wide service. There will be a 10am service for Families (Kids Zone provided) and a 2pm service for Campus and Singles.


The "One Year Challenge" in South Africa

The One Year Challenge for the International Churches of Christ

SWAMP comes to South Africa, ICOC campers from around the world had an amazing time

Nearly 200 campers from ICOC churches in 8 different nations came together in Johannesburg for an incredible time of fellowship, fun and drawing closer to God.

Below is a video with the teen campers leading the Joburg church in worship.


World News: Mission Team in Arizona has 470 people at their first service!


Six weeks ago ICOC HotNews flew out to Tucson, Arizona to witness an inaugural church service of the Tucson International Church of Christ, which had a whopping 470 people in attendance (see orginal article here: http://www.icochotnews.com/?q=node/2006). In this episode of HotNews, the first of a three-part miniseries on mission teams, we've highlighted just a portion of the faith and passion we saw in these fired-up disciples.

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