Making Disciples

Submitted by JR on Thu, 2012-02-23 13:50

These Bible Studies are a resource so that anyone coming to Christ has a clear understanding of who Christ is, his expectations of repentance, faith, discipleship and grace. Their involement in His Body, the church, should also be clearly explained upfront before anyone can place membership, be restored or be baptised.

1) The Word of God PDF Version

2) Discipleship PDF Version

3) The Kindgom of God PDF Version

4) Sin PDF Version

5) Repentance PDF Version

6) The Cross PDF Version

7) Salvation PDF Version

8) Sound & False Doctrine PDF Version

9) The Church PDF Version

9) Lordship (Counting the Costs) PDF Version


1) Making Disciples 2016 PDF Version

2) First 40 Days PDF Version